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Tray packers, wrap-around boxes, foiling, film shrink tunnels, palletizers and pallet wrappers

We offer a range of services in the field of packaging machines, developed on the basis of a precise analysis of the needs of our customers and transforming them into extremely reliable solutions using original and cutting-edge techniques

Through a precise anamnesis of customer needs combined with many years of experience in the field of packaging, we implement projects and have won the trust of many customers from the smallest to the largest multinational companies.

In particular, through contemporary solutions and skills in line with the most innovative technologies and pragmatic solutions.

In addition, we offer an all-encompassing portfolio of products and services.

Full-range system provider from tray packers, wrap-around machines, palletizers to pallet wrappers.

Our tray and carton packaging machines are the best solution for - from small to medium to high production speeds - in final packaging.

Depending on the machine model, the type of packaging and the properties of the product, the available packaging speeds cover a range from 5 to 65 packages or trays/min. away.

Depending on the equipment, all classic secondary packaging solutions can be implemented with trays, wrap-around boxes or just foiling.