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Optical sorting machines for food, steam peeling machines for potatoes and vegetables.

Leading manufacturer of sensor-based sorting equipment and food processing technology for fresh and processed food suppliers.

State-of-the-art sorting technologies to optimize your production process and ensure consistently high food quality are our strengths.

An execution of the systems in a cleaning-friendly hygienic design is a matter of course.

Belt sorting machines: with air discharge, for optical sorting of all lumpy products such as French fries, diced potatoes or slices, cut vegetables, fruit (cut) dried fruit, nuts, sweets etc. Leaf salads: such as rocket.- iceberg.- romaine.- endive .- Radicchio.- Rocket.- Field.- Lettuce, chard, spinach, kale, white cabbage (cut).

Free-fall sorting machine: with finger ejection, for the optical sorting of products such as whole potatoes, onions, carrots, beetroot or similar.

Free-fall sorting machine: with air discharge, for the optical sorting of chunky, pourable products such as frozen vegetables, wheat, seeds, fruit, dried fruit, pet food, coffee beans, sweets, etc.

Steam peeling systems: for peeling potatoes, carrots, parsnips, beetroot, celery etc. complete with downstream drum brush cleaning and drum continuous washing machine.

 If you wish, we can show you the machine(s) with your own original product in our own presentation and demonstration centre, so that you can personally convince yourself of the function and good working method in advance.

We listen to you in order to get to know your task as precisely as possible in order to then work out a solution that is optimal for your application.

We look after your project during the configuration of the machine, planning, delivery, commissioning and afterwards we are your companion for all service questions.

If you have a need, or maybe you just want more information about our technology loungers, we look forward to your call.