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Elevators and height conveyors

Feed conveyor, product feed

Inclined conveyor belts with driving cleats are used for the continuous feeding of products. Suitable for potatoes, vegetables, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, lamb's lettuce, rocket, frozen foods. Also, for screw caps, or twist off (TO) lids etc.

Depending on the performance, the products are delivered manually using Euro Norm boxes, from cardboard boxes at TK, or from upstream conveyor belts.

The design and dimensions of these “elevators” always adapt to your needs. Made from chrome-nickel steel and plastics that are approved for contact with food.

Straight version or with a curve, so-called swan neck version.

Tell us your product, the amount of product you need/h and the Thelen-Team will calculate the required size for you without obligation. We also give a recommendation which system is best suited to your needs.

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