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New sorting machine a bestseller!

THELEN-machines is the contact for all German customers who process industrial food. The focus here is on lettuce, vegetables and potatoes.

The new optical sorting machines have been very well received in the market, which of course makes us happy.

One of our customers, who has recently been using two of these new machines,
has now ordered four more machines!


  • LEDs – three times more light, less shadowing, less calibration
  • Detects the smallest defects from 1x1 mm
  • Detection of the finest colour deviation
  • Multi-angle horizontal all-round view - TOP cameras.
  • Approximately 360° all-round view cameras.
  • Intuitive user interface: Simple graphic setting and operation

 Advantages of the EDHEG version:

  • All surfaces are sloping - dirt is always washed away - no water remains, which leads to limescale deposits, etc.
  • Protective hoses (here blue) are no longer corrugated, but smooth in dairy design.
  • Screw connections for hoses of the cables are made of stainless steel (no plastic or chrome-plated brass, etc.)
  • No cable ducts where product is left lying. All cables are built into the frame, but are accessible via inspection and maintenance openings.
  • Additional intervention protection, i.e. additional security components to prevent foreign bodies from getting into the machine and even better accident protection. Easy to open - (machine stops).
  • Control cabinets and all doors also at an angle and sealed with endless seals, so that a gap can no longer arise due to shrinkage of the seal.
  • Control cabinets and all doors with sealing right at the edge, which means that it is no longer possible for product or dirt to be flushed under the door edges when cleaning.