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Steam peeler

For peeling potatoes and vegetables, such as carrots or beetroot, celery, etc. with minimal peeling losses, in industrial use.

Potatoes and vegetables can be gently peeled using steam in discontinuous steam peeling systems.

For this purpose, the product is filled into a pressure container. The pressure vessel is then automatically closed and steam of up to e.g., 16 bar (approx. 200° C) is let in.

Due to the high temperature, the water under the bowl wants to boil, i.e., turn into steam, but is prevented from doing so by the 16 bar counter pressure.

After a preset steam time of approx. 30 - 60 seconds (depending on the product), the steam supply is stopped, and the steam pressure is released in a flash (relaxed) by opening a release valve.

This means that the water under the peel is able to turn into steam and, as it expands, it separates the peel from the fruit.

In the case of potatoes, for example, the peels are completely removed. A following brusher and a washing machine clean the potatoes so that all peel residues are removed.

With root vegetables, e.g. carrots or beetroot, the peel is removed by the steam in the same way, or even partially softened. The softened shell is then removed by brushing in a peeling brush machine and a washing machine is used to ensure that all shell residues are rinsed clean.

Industrial steam peelers in the food industry are used in the production of peeled potatoes, French fries, potato slices, potato cubes, etc. But also, in the peeling of vegetables and fruits before further processing into, for example, frozen (IQF) vegetables and apple purée, fruit juice etc.

Tell us your product, the required peeled amount of finished product/h and the Thelen-Team will calculate the required amount of raw material, the peeling loss and the required steam pressure without obligation. We also give a recommendation as to which steam peeler is best suited to your needs.

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