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X-ray sorting machine – detection machine

For X-ray inspection of products poured loose, packaged, or filled into cans or jars.

X-ray technology is a way to non-destructively detect hidden structures or foreign bodies in any product with high accuracy (depending on the density of the product). This is done at such a high speed that these testing methods can also be used in continuous production processes.

The foreign bodies or other structural changes identified in this way are then removed from the product stream.

Detection and exclusion of:

  • Foreign bodies
  • Defects in the product
  • Damaged product
  • Different structures – same looking product with different density

Tell us your product, the required performance/h and what you want to detect or reject. The THELEN team will give you a suggestion as to which X-ray sorting system is the best solution for your application.

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We also have X-ray sorting solutions for non-food products!